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A natural refuge on Ustica island


Ustica (PA)







Unica is a small house nestled in the cliff on the island of Ustica, in the Contrada San Paolo, to the west of the island, near the famous Grotta delle Barche, accessible more easily by sea than by land. The house is an intimate and calming space – composed of two bedrooms, a charming living room with sofas and two small bathrooms, reminiscent of the bathrooms of pleasure boats. At the back of the house, there’s a natural cave the size of a tennis court, the living centre of the house.


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The house is furnished in an elegant bohemian blend, with ancient Moroccan carpets adorning the floors of the cave, comfortable sofas and large cushions, as well as furniture from antique markets and an impressive wooden table which sits 20 people. This space represents the beating heart of the home, a refuge from the heat of the day, perfect for reading, enjoying an aperitivo, listening to music and relaxing. In the lowest part of the cave, a large double bed, protected by a mosquito net, offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

Adjacent to the main cave, there’s a smaller cave that houses the kitchen, entirely encased in lava stone and finished with materials typical of Aeolian houses, as well as a pantry. The kitchen opens onto a terrace where you can dine under the stars and also enjoy an outdoor shower with spectacular views!

A staircase crosses a lush Mediterranean garden and leads to the service area with laundry, and further down, you’ll reach a changing room with shower and, even further down, a crystal-clear sea cove. Here, you’ll find a protected inlet that takes the form of a natural swimming pool.

A panoramic path, an integral part of the island’s nature trails, allows for a pleasant fifteen-minute walk into town. The path, made up of sections of steps and beaten earth, is accessible but not lit up at night. As a result, the house supplies include torches and headlamps, essential for walking the trail after dark.

Your villa at a glance

1 double bedroom with ensuite bathroom (shower)
1 double bedroom
1 bathroom with shower
1 living room with sofas and study area

Big Cave
Living area dining area for 20/24 people conversation area
Panoramic bed with mosquito net

Small Cave
Equipped kitchen and BBQ

Furnished terraces
1 outdoor shower near the terrace kitchen
1 outdoor shower ascending from the sea
Laundry room with bathroom
Natural pool among the rocks

We like

Spending an unconventional holiday, immersed in nature and far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… But just call the small boat and in just 5 minutes you will be at the port on the island.

Isolating yourself from the world, surrounded by nature, with the freedom to choose whether or not to embrace modern technologies (the Wi-Fi signal inside the cave is not strong, but there are extenders available for better access).

Waking up in the morning and enjoying a coffee while contemplating the infinity of the horizon. Immersing yourself in a sea where a mask and snorkel are enough to discover one of the most fascinating and varied underwater worlds.

Spending the night in an outdoor bed, protected by mosquito nets, admiring the starry sky. 

Ordering your shopping by phone and seeing it arrive by sea thanks to the small boat.


We think

Honeymoon couples
Small friend groups who love the sea
*Not suitable for children


Useful information:
The best way to reach the Grotto is by boat. A local boatman offers the transport service and manages the delivery of the shopping and the collection of waste.

Things to do

Ustica, visible on clear days from the mainland, is the island closest to Palermo. Its name derives from the Roman term “Ustum”, which means burned, due to the volcanic rocks that compose it. The contrast between the intense black of the rocks and the enchanting blue of the sea is characteristic of the island.

Marine Reserve: Explore the spectacular Ustica Marine Reserve. Its crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity make it an ideal spot for snorkeling or diving.

Historic Center: Visit the island’s quaint historic center with its picturesque narrow streets and traditional buildings. Experience the authentic atmosphere and discover the Church of Santa Maria la Stella and the prehistoric village of Faraglioni.

Punta Spalmatore: Admire breathtaking views from Punta Spalmatore, where the lighthouse is located. This spot offers spectacular vistas of the coastline and the surrounding sea.

Caves and Coves: Explore the fascinating caves and coves scattered around the island, such as the Grotta Azzurra and Grotta Verde, known for their captivating colors and unique rock formations.

Archaeological Museum: Visit the Archaeological Museum of Ustica to learn about the island’s history through artifacts and historical evidence, including prehistoric and Roman relics.