Villa Nuvola

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A truly ethereal atmosphere and breathtaking
views of the Aeolian islands


Lipari, Aeolian islands








Above ground (8x4 h140)

Villa Nuvola is located a few kilometers from the centre of Lipari, the largest of the islands of the Aeolian archipelago. Standing high on a hill called Monte Gallina the views are fantastic, stretching over the sea to the neighboring islands, forms and colours chainging with the light. Living in Villa Nuvola really does feel like being on a cloud!


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Nuvola means ‘cloud’ in Italian, a name chosen by the owners to embrace not only the rarefied atmosphere and dream landscape, but the contemporary design – totally white with the occasional soliatry splash of fresh, zinging orange, lime green, sky blue, with large airy spaces and huge windows designed to maximise the presence of the views at any time of day.
The villa is on two levels, following the natural slope of the hill. The main floor, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views, is occupied by a large living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and a dining area. Various furnished terraces and the guest bathroom complete the floor. A wide staircase leads to the sleeping area with three large bedrooms, two double and one twin, all with private bathroom and their own outdoor space. A large suite with bedroom, living room, bathroom and terrace completes the sleeping area.
The villa is surrounded by a large Mediterranean garden with lots of colorful flowers and aromatic plants as well as the inevitable olive trees. Various and varied garden areas are perfectly designed for entire days outdoors: there’s an elegant solarium and swimming pool, large shaded areas for afternoon reading and lazing, and for children, there’s a wonderful tree house!

Your villa at a glance

Main floor

Living room
Panoramic lounge
Guest bathroom

Sleeping area

Master bedroom suite with lounge terraces and bathroom
Double terrace bathroom
Double terrace bathroom
Double with bathroom


Heated shower
Furnished terraces
Shadow areas
Tree house

We like

Watching the sun rise over the volcanic island of Stromboli with its eternal plume of smoke.
The unique atmosphere of the Aeolian islands – pure Sicilianity fused with cosmopolitan sophistication.
Spending a day at sea sailing among the Aeolian islands and returning to the villa to enjoy sip a glass of malvasia under a starry sky.

We think

Groups of friends who love the sea and nature.
Families with children –– the villa, with its tree house, is the perfect place for children, and for parents!


  • Lipari centre 2.4 miles

Things to do

The main town, Lipari is a bustling place dominated by a rocky acropolis which retains the remains of a castle (used as a prison for political exiles under Mussolini) and the Museo Archeologico, with an astonishing collection of archeological finds from the islands and the coast of nearby Sicily.

  • Highlights are the unique ancient Greek vases painted in an array of delicate pastels by an artist known simply as the Lipari Painter, and a collection of minature ancient Greek theatre masks discovered in tombs.
  • Although Lipari is no longer an active volcano, there are still plenty of relics of its volcanic origins to be seen: cliffs seamed with shiny obsidian, mountainsides and beaches of pumice; hot springs; smouldering sulphuruous fumeroles and a kaolin quarry where the volcanic minerals have stained the clay in an array of colours thought to have been used as pigments by the Lipari painter.
  • Lipari has some lovely walks – one of the finest runs from the kaolin quarry to the Terme di San Calogero, a thermal bath with Roman origins.