Dammuso Verdeblu

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The atmosphere is totally enchanting










large pool

Dammuso Verdeblu perfectly fuses ancient architecture with comfort, practicality and elegance.
The masterful renovation of the villa has not interfered at all with the character of this typical ancient dammuso – indeed the atmosphere is totally enchanting, thanks to inspired interiors, a magnificent garden, and wonderful views over the surrounding countryside and out to sea. The sunsets are incredible!


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The house is perfectly adapted to outdoor living, with large elegantly furnished terraces to the front and back – idea for a lazy lunch or evening drink. The garden, planted with olives and palms, completely surrounds the villa, and amid all this green there is a splendid swimming pool.
The owner of Dammuso Verdeblu is a well-known interior designer, and the elegant style and fluid, welcoming layout of the house reflects her taste and sensibility. This is a house where the living is easy!
At the fulcrum, or heart of the dammuso, is the main building, with a large, comfortable and well-equipped kitchen, a small bedroom with sofa bed and ensuite bathroom, a vast living area, and a large double suite occupying a typical “alcova Pantesca” with its own private living room, ensuite bathroom and access to the garden. From the terraces, a few steps lead down to three independent dammusi, each with a double bedroom and bathroom. Two of them have their own furnished terrace, roofed with typical Pantellerian cannizzi, or reed matting.

Your villa at a glance

Main house:
Large living room
Small bedroom with sofa bed and bathroom
Comfortable and fully equipped kitchen
Master bedroom with living room and bathroo,
3 separate dammusi each with double bedroom and bathroom
Swimming pool

We like

The magnificent garden and several terraces – they ensure that different members of a group can all find privacy.
Enjoying the elegant interior – especially when there is a fierce sirocco wind!
Admiring sunsets from the swimming pool – and the brilliant starlit night sky.


We think

The dammuso is ideal for groups of friends or a family who want a refined and elegant house that is also perfectly adapted for outdoor living. The main house, with double bedroom and a smaller bedroom would be ideal if the group includes a family with small children.


  • Pantelleria centre 7,4 miles
  • Scauri harbour 3,1 miles
  • Pantelleria airport 6,2 miles

Things to do

The main towns on the island are central Pantelleria and Scauri, which are the island’s two ports of arrival, but there are also little hamlets whose names still recall their Arab domination, such as Khamma, Kattibugale, Kariuscia and Bukkuram.

  • The Favare (which emit aqueous vapour) or the stufe, natural grottos that emit high temperature water vapour and are found in the areas of Kazzen and Benikulà. There are also many thermal springs scattered across the island, such as the Lago di Venere, Cala Gadir and the Grotta di Sataria.
  • At Nikà there is a miniature ‘slide’ for boats, and thermal waters.
  • At Balata dei Turchi there is one of the island’s rare flat rocks.
  • At Martingana there is a bay which is almost always sheltered from the winds.
  • With its picturesque landscapes and variety of natural vegetation it offers visitors the unforgettable experience of nature walks (in the Montagna Grande Natural Park, the Passo del Vento trail, the Cuddia di Fossa del Russo and the Gibele Crater) and trips to a wide range of archaeological sites.
  • Tasting the extremely varied cuisine, which shows the influence of the various peoples who have dominated the island.