Dammuso Le Palme

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Dammuso with sea views, garden and a small pool


Pantelleria, contrada Rekhale









Set on a beautiful country estate, Dammuso le Palme is immersed in the lavishly scented, vividly-hued Mediterranean vegetation of the island,with views over the estate’s vineyards to the coast.The restoration is by the noted architect Gabriella Giuntoli (who was responsible for the restoration of Armani’s Pantellerian villa) and is typical of her work, preserving the essential rustic character of the Dammuso, and celebrating its intimate connection with the land. Dammuso le Palme is in the Rekhale district in the south-west of the island, a few kilometres from the port of Scauri and the coast, and just 14km from Pantelleria Town and the airport.


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Dammuso le Palme consists of a single building with two double bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. It opens onto a large patio shaded by a typical cane roof (cannizzo in Pantelleria dialect).
This is the living and dining zone, ideal for lazy afternoons chatting, reading or occasionally cooling off in the pool, and very condusive to lazy sunset aperitivos and long late dinners. Furniture, though comfortable and practical, is deliberately simple, even spartan!
The luxuries are provided by the voluptuous garden and Pantellerian landscape!

Your villa at a glance

Two double bedrooms, each with private bathroom.
One of them has a small private patio.
Comfortable and practical kitchen
Large furnished and shaded terrace
Small swimming pool (2.5 × 4.5 m) with Hydromassage

We like

The incredible views over the vineyard to the sea.
The cool, shady gardens and the brilliantly-coloured flowers — wonderful at any time of day.
Being able to cool off in the little pool… or even float there having a pre-dinner Martini!
The excellent Pantelleria cuisine served in the local restaurants and the high quality local produce.
Pantelleria’s fantastic dessert wines.
Exploring inland Pantelleria’s volcanic landscape, as well as its spectacular coast.

We think

This is the ideal villa for parents with children, or two couples wanting a simple, relaxing holiday on a small island, surrounded by nature, and with the sea nearby.


  • Pantelleria centre 7,4 miles
  • Scauri harbour 3,1 miles
  • Pantelleria airport 6,2 miles

Things to do

The main towns on the island are central Pantelleria and Scauri, which are the island’s two ports of arrival, but there are also little hamlets whose names still recall their Arab domination, such as Khamma, Kattibugale, Kariuscia and Bukkuram.

  • The Favare (which emit aqueous vapour) or the stufe, natural grottos that emit high temperature water vapour and are found in the areas of Kazzen and Benikulà. There are also many thermal springs scattered across the island, such as the Lago di Venere, Cala Gadir and the Grotta di Sataria.
  • At Nikà there is a miniature ‘slide’ for boats, and thermal waters.
  • At Balata dei Turchithere is one of the island’s rare flat rocks.
  • At Martingana there is a bay which is almost always sheltered from the winds.
  • With its picturesque landscapes and variety of natural vegetation it offers visitors the unforgettable experience of nature walks (in the Montagna Grande Natural Park, the Passo del Vento trail, the Cuddia di Fossa del Russo and the Gibele Crater) and trips to a wide range of archaeological sites.
  • Tasting the extremely varied cuisine, which shows the influence of the various peoples who have dominated the island.