Villa Capo Bianco

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Swimming pool, snorkeling, pristine beaches, and history in Eraclea Minoa


Eraclea Minoa (AG)









Villa Capo Bianco takes its name from the rock spur that plunges from the Mediterranean Sea, between the seaside village of Eraclea and the beginning of the mouth of the Platani river.
Surrounded by coastal beauty, this villa is the perfect setting from which to enjoy the pristine beaches of Capo Bianco, with the fine sands and crystalline turquoise waters, as well as Eraclea beach, characterised by golden sand and a lush pine forest.


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The villa embraces the landscape from a gentle slope, offering spectacular sunsets and an enveloping view of the blue sea. Surrounded by two natural reserves – the mouth of the Platani and the magical reserve of Torre Salsa – it is the ideal refuge for sea lovers, nature explorers, and history buffs, thanks to the presence of the evocative remains of Magna Graecia.

The recently-built villa, distributed over three levels, offers an unparalleled living experience. At the level of the garden and the limpid blue swimming pool, there are 2 double bedrooms, one with an ensuite, a bright living space with large windows, and a dining area adjacent to the kitchen.

On the ground floor, you’ll find two more bedrooms: a master with private bathroom and a double with a bathroom nextdoor, all illuminated by the natural light which streams from the skylights, creating a comfortable and airy atmosphere without the need for air conditioning. Here, you’ll find a wellness space with a ping pong table, as well as a laundry room.

An external staircase leads to the top floor, where you’ll find a master bedroom with en suite and an enchanting private terrace which grants guests breathtaking views.
The outdoor spaces, curated to the smallest details, offer welcoming corners for outdoor dinners and lunches, surrounded by a pleasant patio which evokes lively evenings and conversation.
The swimming pool (12×6), with its panoramic views, is also just a five minute walk from the beaches.

Your villa at a glance

5 bedrooms, of which 3 are en suite, across three floors
A large open space with panoramic windows, including a living space with chimney, a dining room, and a well-
equipped kitchen
Fitness zone
Laundry room
External patio with dining room and panoramic swimming pool

We like

The enviable setting of the villa, which allows guests to take in the sunsets from the side of the swimming pool.
Going snorkelling in the limpid waters of Eraclea and Capo Bianco.
Exploring the remains of the ancient Greek city and its theatre, offering a time-travelling historical experience.
The natural beauty of the coast, with its golden beaches, promontories lost among eucalyptus and pine forests, and an enchanting landscape.
Perbellinica restaurant, facing the sea, which offers a first-class dining experience as well as gourmet breakfasts, making every morning a memorable and delicious culinary moment.

We think

The villa is the perfect paradise for lovers of the sea and of nature, as well as architecture and history, but that’s not all: it’s also an enchanting refuge from everyday life.
Eraclea Minoa, in its ancient remains, preserves the charm and thousand-year history of a magnificent Greek city. Here, among its precious treasures, the imposing remains of the Greek city and theater stand tall, offering an open window onto the past and an extraordinary testimony to the art and culture of a now-remote era.


  • Palermo Airport 148 KM
  • Trapani Airport 123 KM
  • Eraclea Minoa beach 2 KM
  • Agrigento: 36 Km
  • Scala dei Turchi: 25 KM

Things to do

Some things not to miss in you are staying at the Villa Capo Bianco.

  • Archaeological Park of Eraclea Minoa: This archaeological site contains the ruins of an ancient Greek city, including temples, a theater, a necropolis, and more. It offers significant historical and archaeological insight into the region.
  • Eraclea Minoa Beach: The golden sandy beach stretches along the coast, offering crystal-clear waters and a picturesque natural setting. It’s a perfect spot for relaxation, swimming, and enjoying the seaside scenery.
  • Foce del Fiume Platani Nature Reserve: This reserve, located nearby, is a unique ecosystem where the Platani River meets the sea. It provides opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife observation.
  • Mount Cammarata: If you’re into hiking and nature, Mount Cammarata offers hiking trails that lead to breathtaking panoramic views of western Sicily.
  • Scala dei Turchi Though not exactly close but reachable by car, Scala dei Turchi is a unique rocky formation composed of white limestone jutting out into the sea. It’s a picturesque spot to explore and admire the natural beauty.
  • Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples: If you have the opportunity to venture a bit farther from Eraclea Minoa, Agrigento is a short distance away and hosts the famous Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site with well-preserved Greek temples, including the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Juno.